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Using a set of cleverly designed levers, the bar is instantly secured in place by simple lever action. It takes a couple of seconds to secure your load. Similarly, the bar can be instantly removed by opening the same lever.

Unlike cheap imitations, the Stay-Put Bar is scientifically designed to prevent accidental damage to the bin sides by over-extending and is more user-friendly. It is made to be used thousands of times and is designed for easy storage.

This is an all-steel assembly, precision laser-cut, and electroplated to prevent corrosion. The small spring has been custom designed for the application, is made of 316 stainless steel, and is positioned to prevent being inadvertently damaged.

The end pads are made of High Density polyurethane, specially designed for maximum long life, and offer complete protection to the body and paintwork of the vehicle.

Finally, the outer bar has a 1,5mm clear PVC cover. This serves to protect any fragile cargo.

We have cargo bars to fit every bin's width
• Stay-Put Bar 1.0 Maximum stretch 1.8m
• Stay-Put Bar 1.2 Maximum stretch 2.10m