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How tough are Stay-Put mats?

They are tougher than anything else on the market. They can withstand hard work without losing their protective properties.

Why are Stay-Put mats so tough?

Because they are made with real rubber and have two layers of hi-tensile polyester reinforcing built in.

What is the advantage of real rubber?

Real rubber is used wherever tough conditions are encountered in all industries. Real rubber resists impact, abrasion and tearing. Real rubber does not deteriorate with time.

Are Stay-Put mats custom made for individual vehicles?

We cater for all current makes and models of bakkies, with precision-cut, hard-wearing cargo mats, taking in all contours of the vehicle bin floor.

Are they easy to fit?

Very easy. Simply remove the packaging, and lay the mat with the curl facing down. It will naturally flatten out in a few minutes.

Can they be removed?

Stay-Put mats are still light enough to be moved easily by a single person.

Can Stay-Put mats be reversed?

Yes. Most bakkie bins are the same on both sides, and the Stay-Put mats have a rubber cover on both sides.

How long does delivery take?

Delivery takes 3 to 5 working days within the RSA. For cross border deliveries please contact us.

Is there a guarantee?

Stay-Put mats have a warranty of two years against faulty material and workmanship, delaminating, ageing and tearing.
Warranty void if
1. Mat is exposed to poor or abusive handling
2. Mat is damaged from sharp objects
3. Mat is exposed to excessive oils and chemicals

Is the Mat chemical and solvent resistant?

The mat should be cleaned or washed down after exposure.

Will the mat cause rust?

The mat sits across the channels and does not impede drainage. Stay-Put cargo mats protect the paint work, and prolong the life of the bin floor.


Is the Stay-Put cargo bar tough?

The Stay-Put cargo bar is made of steel, for rugged treatment, and repeated daily use.

Are there different sizes?

There are two models
a) 1.0 with a maximum extension of 1.8M
b) 1.2 with a maximum extension of 2.1M

What is the best position for the bar to prevent the load from moving?

There should be no space between the bar and the load, with the load up against either the cab or the tailgate

Can one person position the bar?

Yes. It is made to be easily used by a single person

Will the bar damage the body?

No. The expansion of the bar has been designed specifically to avoid damaging the sides of the vehicle while still ensuring a solid grip

Will the bar damage fragile cargo (like a fridge or other appliance)?

The body of the bar has a clear PVC sleeve to protect the cargo’s paintwork

Is the bar made in South Africa?

The Stay-Put cargo bar is 100% made in South Africa.

Is there a guarantee?

Stay-Put bars carry a two year warranty, provided the usage instructions are adhered to. Spares available via
Warranty void if
1. Bar is extended beyond the recommended maximums (see point 2 above)
2. Bar is incorrectly positioned against goods to be secured
3. Bar has been abused
4. Bar is used for any other purpose than that for which it is designed