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Medium commercial vehicle mats

The width of loading bins varies between 2.1M and 2.4M and length between 4.0M and 5.5M. The buyers and owners of these vehicles sometimes require bin floor protection, which Stay-Put can custom make and supply.

These loading bins are unsuitable for single-mat application for the following reasons: 1. There are no conveyor belts wide enough 2. A single mat of 10 M2 or more will weigh too much to be easily handled

We therefore offer two belts precision- cut, to fit snugly side by side. These HD cargo mats will consist of recycled conveyor belting, with rubber top and bottom, and multiple plies of mildew resistant, tightly woven polyester fabric.

These mats are designed to protect the loading bin floor area for hard-wearing applications. The Stay-Put truck mats can handle brutal punishment without breaking up, tearing or delaminating. The mats also offer cushioning for the loads being carried, such as gas or oxygen cylinders, machinery, and the like. These mats also offer the advantage of anti-skid properties.