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Differences Between Polyurethane Rubberising v/s Stay-Put Cargo Rubber Mats.

May 19, 2023

Dallas Roache

The differences are obvious at a glance. Polyurethane rubberising is sprayed onto the loading area of a bakkie, while Stay-Put cargo mats are precision-cut rubber mats fitted on the floor of the loading bin of bakkies. The spray-on is a fixture and cannot be removed once applied, but the mats are removable. The spray-on must be done at a facility while the mats can be bought separately and fitted easily. The mats can also be bought online and delivered to your door.

Polyurethane Rubberising

Polyurethane rubberising is a misleading phrase to describe the spray-on application of a semi-liquefied polyurethane composition used to line bakkie loading bins. Polyurethane linings contain no rubber and should not be referred to as ‘rubberising’. Polyurethane spraying is aesthetically pleasing and offers some protection against low to mild wear and tear. Polyurethane lining is sprayed directly onto the paint of the loading area in a lumpy texture, and is then allowed to set and cure into a hardened layer. The lumpy finish provides an opportunity for loads to travel without sliding around, provided they are strapped down or otherwise secured.

However, the ‘lumps’ cause snagging for loads which are slid on and off, and are soon worn down, or are torn off the metal, leaving it exposed to the elements and further damage. 

Stay-Put Cargo Rubber Mats

By contrast, Stay-Put cargo mats are a no-frills protection solution for bakkie loading bins. They are made of real reinforced rubber such as used in tyres, mill liners and chute liners on the mines, and wherever metal needs to be protected from abrasion, impact, and wear and tear. In other words, Stay-Put rubber mats have all the wear capabilities to provide the bakkie bin floor with high quality, long-lasting, heavy-duty protection. 

Real rubber is used in industry wherever the best protection is required. Rubber has 150 years of development behind it and is widely used for protection against abrasion, impact, aggressive chemicals, vibration, and many other applications.

Stay-Put cargo mats are not just rubber; they also have two layers of high-density polyester reinforcing built into them, for even more robustness. 

They are made for hard work, and protect against impact, as well as loading and unloading heavy or sharp items. Rubber also provides load stability, which assists with ensuring loads do not slide around dangerously in transit. 

Stay-Put cargo mats are manufactured in a conveyor belt factory, from uncured raw rubber and ultra strong polyester vulcanized together to form an unbreakable bond. The belt is then trimmed to 1 800mm width, which is wide enough to ensure that each mat is seamless and covers the entire rear of the vehicle without a join.

Why You Should Choose Cargo Rubber Mats?

Because of its chemical composition, rubber can be compressed and come back to its original shape thousands of times. It can also stretch and come back to its original shape thousands of times. Rubber has built-in memory. The most visible and obvious use of rubber is tyres; from bicycles to motorcycles, cars, trucks, tractors, and heavy earth-moving vehicles. 

Rubber tyres take up the uneven surfaces of gravel and tarred surfaces, which enable vehicles to grip the road, and provide a smooth drive.

No other material protects against abrasion and impact like rubber!

Synthetic Flexible Polymers

 Synthetic polymers such as plastics, nylons, PVCs, and polyurethanes are useful in many applications but offer limited and short-term benefits in hard-wearing environments. These products have little elasticity and therefore have little memory. Once compressed or stretched, they do not come back to their original shape. 

Polyurethane has advantages in some applications but is widely used to make products like genuine rubber and leather more affordable.

The main uses of polyurethane, which is the basic ingredient of spray-on bakkie lining, are various forms of foam used in furniture and bedding, thermal insulation in fridges and freezers, synthetic leather in footwear to name a few. It has many other uses in paints and coatings and has some flexibility.  

Genuine Rubber

Real rubber offers long-term protection to areas where high wear and tear occurs. Rubber prevents accidental dents and scratches, protects the paintwork, stabilizes the load, and helps prevent sliding around during the trip because of its natural grip, keeping the bakkie floor looking like new, even after continuous hard work. Stay-Put cargo rubber mats are easy to clean, and to keep clean. They can easily be removed and are reversible. So, one side can be used for working and it can be turned over to still look like a brand new mat.

Stay-Put cargo rubber mats are the result of years of rubber manufacturing experience and industry knowledge. They are the most versatile, robust mats available, and offer the best value for money.

They do not ‘accidentally’ tear, delaminate or come apart. The raw material of Stay-Put mats has been specifically designed and manufactured for the purpose of protecting bakkie floors. They are not made from off-cuts of previously used material, or of randomly chosen un-reinforced rubber sheeting. They are double reinforced for good reason; because they are made to offer the ultimate protection against the most brutal treatment, and to last as long as possible. Despite their ability to withstand the roughest treatment, they can still be managed, removed, or re-positioned by one person. 

Wide Application Usage

The range of people who use and appreciate having the protection of Stay-Put cargo rubber mats is endless. We are talking about livestock farmers, agricultural farmers, construction workers, carpenters, motor mechanics, engineering companies, tool hire companies, plumbers, paint contractors, metal work fabricators, transport companies, and couriers. 

The applications vary, but the protection remains the same. Every square inch of the bin floor is covered because each mat is cut to precision and custom made for each model. Long wheelbase, extended cabs, and double cabs are catered for. Flatbed bakkies such as Hyundai, JAC, and Kia are exceptionally well suited for Stay-Put mats, but the precision and customisation of the mats make them equally effective for all models, fitting snugly around wheel arches and struts.

Panel van owners also use Stay-Put cargo mats to protect the loading area. The same care is taken to customize the mat to fit exactly, reaching every nook and cranny, even leaving holes to expose built-in cargo hooks. 


Stay-Put mats have been scientifically and stringently tested in pressurized chambers by OEM manufacturers, for ozone and high humidity resistance, and have successfully passed every test. The mats on test did not age prematurely, did not delaminate, did not deteriorate, and did not fly off. They provided the best possible protection to the end of the strenuous testing, which took several months. They have received approval from the highest level. This is why Stay-Put mats come with a five-year warranty against material and manufacturing defects.

Peace of mind

The fitting of a Stay-Put mat in your vehicle provides peace of mind with the assurance that you are using the most scientifically advanced, proven, efficient and practical protection currently available for bakkie bin floors and loading areas. 


Stay-Put cargo rubber mats can be fitted to new or used bakkies, to ‘naked’ loading bin floors, or to already Polyurethane-lined bins. There is a lot to be said for using a Stay-Put cargo rubber mat over Polyurethane lining. It protects the lining as well as the bin floor.

Stay-Put cargo rubber mats provide extraordinary protection, beyond the manufacturer's specifications.

Stay-Put cargo rubber mats are the most obvious hassle-free solution. Put it to the test by contacting us today!