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The Stay-Put cargo mats are made from new, purpose-made reinforced rubber.They have a smooth finish, on both sides, to prevent snagging and tearing. They are ideal for having loads dragged on and off, and have a high impact resistance.

The mats are an ‘edge-to-edge solution, with no joins, and are cut from a single sheet. They are custom cut to fit exactly the shape of each loading bin.

The Stay-Put cargo mats are 6mm thick and offer maximum protection to the LDV floor area against impact and wear-and-tear, while still light enough to be manhandled comfortably.

They are weather-resistant and will resist most chemicals.

The mats can stand up to 90°C before cracking and can also isolate static electricity.

The Stay-Put cargo mats offer extreme protection and are very likely to outlast the life of the vehicle.

We offer a two-year warranty against faulty workmanship or materials.

Welcome to extraordinary toughness, impact, and abrasion resistance.