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Choosing The Best Bakkie Cargo Rubber Mat For Ultimate Protection

Jun 26, 2023

Dallas Roache


Protecting your bakkie and its cargo is of utmost importance, and a high-quality rubber cargo mat is an essential accessory for achieving this. However, not all rubber mats are created equal. To ensure optimal protection and longevity, it's vital to consider various factors when selecting the right bakkie cargo rubber mat. In this article, we will guide you through the key considerations, important characteristics to look for, and mats to avoid. Let's explore how to make an informed choice for your bakkie.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bakkie Cargo Rubber Mat

Purpose and Load Requirements:

  1. Begin by assessing the specific materials you frequently load and unload on your bakkie. Consider the frequency of usage for your bakkie's loading bin, whether you transport sharp objects or fragile items, and whether you require post-work cleaning. Understanding your unique needs will help you determine the appropriate level of protection.

Genuine Rubber vs. Imitations:

  1. Choosing a genuine rubber cargo mat is crucial for exceptional performance. Genuine rubber exhibits excellent elasticity, impact resistance, and grip. Be cautious of cheaper imitations that may lack durability and protective qualities. Ensure the mat you select is made from genuine rubber material to guarantee superior performance.

Key Characteristics of an Ideal Bakkie Cargo Rubber Mat

  1. Material: Opt for a mat made of genuine rubber to ensure optimal protection and durability.
  2. Construction: Look for a single-sheet mat without joins to provide seamless coverage and maximum protection.
  3. Fit: Select a mat that is custom-fitted to your bakkie's shape to prevent shifting during loading and unloading.
  4. Reinforcement: Prioritize mats with reinforcement for enhanced stability and a prolonged lifespan.
  5. Finish: Choose a mat with a smooth finish to facilitate easy loading and unloading while maintaining a secure grip.
  6. Reversibility and Removability: Consider a mat that can be easily reversed and removed for convenience and maintenance.
  7. Shock Absorption: Look for a mat that offers effective shock absorption, particularly if you frequently transport heavy or fragile loads.
  8. Durability: Opt for mats known for their durability, ensuring long-lasting protection for your bakkie's loading bin.

Mats to Avoid:

  1. Conveyor Belt Off-Cuts: Mats made from glued-together conveyor belt off-cuts are prone to separation and difficult to clean.
  2. Thin Strips of Used Conveyor Belt: Mats woven from thin strips of used conveyor belt lack durability and may not withstand heavy impacts.
  3. Old Conveyor Belts: Mats made from old conveyor belts may result in uneven surfaces and inadequate coverage, compromising protection.
  4. Pimpled Sheeting: Mats made from pimpled sheeting lack reinforcement, making them prone to tearing and hindering smooth load sliding.
  5. Squares of Protective Material: Mats consisting of squares of protective material offer insufficient coverage and are impractical.


When it comes to safeguarding your bakkie's cargo, choosing the right rubber mat is essential. By considering factors such as load requirements, material authenticity, construction, fit, reinforcement, finish, reversibility, shock absorption, and durability, you can make an informed decision. Avoid mats with subpar materials and construction that compromise protection and longevity.

For the ultimate cargo protection, we recommend Stay-Put cargo rubber mats. These mats are made of genuine rubber, reinforced with high-tensile polyester, and backed by a two-year warranty. With a perfect fit and easy installation, Stay-Put cargo rubber mats provide unparalleled protection and peace of mind.

Make the smart choice for your bakkie and invest in a high-quality rubber cargo mat that offers superior performance and long-lasting durability.

Contact our knowledgeable team today to explore our range of Stay-Put cargo rubber mats and find the perfect fit for your bakkie. Safeguard your cargo with confidence!