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Protect Your Bakkie Load Bin For Long-Lasting Durability and Value

Jun 26, 2023

Dallas Roache

Importance of Protecting Your Bakkie Load Bin

The significance of safeguarding your bakkie load bin cannot be overstated. By implementing the best protection measures, you can ensure the longevity of your load bin and maintain the highest possible resale value of your vehicle. Protecting your bakkie load bin prevents extensive damage from wear and tear, saving you from costly repairs and maintenance. Let's explore why all bakkie load bins should be protected and the various options available for ensuring optimal protection.

Why All Bakkie Load Bins Should Be Protected

Unless you intend to use your bakkie exclusively for personal purposes, it is crucial to take steps to protect the loading area. Bakkies, particularly single cab models, are often purchased for work purposes, necessitating the need for load bin protection. Whether you transport heavy or delicate cargo, safeguarding your load bin is essential to preserve its condition and usability.

Multiple Protection Options

When it comes to protecting your bakkie load bin, there are several options available. While using old carpets, off-cuts of materials, or synthetic covers may offer temporary protection, they are not secured in place and do not provide optimal coverage. The most practical solution is a fitted mat.

Advantages Of A Bakkie Rubber Mat

Among the various protection options, genuine rubber mats stand out due to their exceptional benefits. Genuine rubber provides unmatched resistance to impacts and scrapes, thanks to its unique molecular structure. It absorbs impact and bounces back, making it highly durable. Reinforced genuine rubber mats offer even greater protection against accidental bumps, impacts, and scrapes. Unlike materials that imitate rubber but lack its properties, genuine rubber mats are long-lasting and highly reliable for safeguarding the loading bin floor.

Stabilize Your Load With A Customized Bakkie Rubber Mat

Using a genuine reinforced rubber mat offers additional advantages, such as stabilizing the load during transportation due to rubber's grippy surface. To enhance usability, the mat should have a smooth surface without joins or glue, allowing easy loading and unloading without snagging. The mat must be custom-fitted and securely positioned in the loading bin area to prevent movement when loading or unloading. Stay-Put cargo mats, made of genuine rubber, are precision-cut and custom manufactured for a wide selection of bakkies and panel vans, ensuring a perfect fit for most popular current brands.

The Greatest Benefit Of A Bakkie Rubber Mat

For vehicles subjected to heavy loads, sharp objects, or rugged applications, fitting a genuine Stay-Put cargo rubber mat is highly recommended. These mats provide exceptional protection against rough loads, impacts, and sharp objects due to their genuine rubber composition. They can be used on unprotected bins or as an additional protective layer over existing polyurethane lining. While polyurethane lining, often mistaken as rubberising, is popular among bakkie owners, it lacks the same protective capabilities and durability as rubber. By covering polyurethane lining with a Stay-Put cargo rubber mat, you can safeguard both the lining and the load bin floor effectively. The mat can be easily removed and used selectively as needed.

Prevent Further Damage With Reliable Protection

To prevent further damage to your bakkie load bin, you have three options. Firstly, you can send your vehicle to a fitment center for a polyurethane re-spray. Alternatively, you can simply fit a Stay-Put cargo rubber mat over the worn lining to prevent additional harm. Lastly, for a comprehensive solution, you can choose both options to renew the loading bin's overall condition, assuming the metalwork remains intact.

Superior Protection And Long-Term Benefits

Stay-Put genuine rubber cargo mats offer maximum protection to the load bin floor by precisely fitting into every contour. They effectively prevent the mat from moving during loading and unloading, ensuring stability and safety. Many professionals, including contractors like plumbers, painters, builders, plant hire companies, and farmers, subject their vehicles to demanding conditions that often result in damage to the loading bin floors, even when they have been protected with PU lining. However, by fitting a Stay-Put cargo rubber mat from day one, much of this damage can be prevented.

Stay-Put cargo rubber mats have the remarkable ability to absorb impacts from sharp objects or construction machinery without sustaining damage. This outstanding resilience provides the loading area with excellent long-term protection. Even with regular loading and unloading of various cargo, lightweight protection can wear out, leading to scuffs, tears, and inefficiency during the loading process. In contrast, Stay-Put cargo rubber mats are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use, maintaining their integrity and functionality over time.

Proper Maintenance For Prolonged Protection

To ensure the longevity of your Stay-Put cargo rubber mat and sustain its protective capabilities, it's important to follow proper maintenance practices. Periodically remove the mat and hose down the bakkie floor to eliminate any powdery or abrasive debris that may have accumulated underneath. Similarly, rinse off any dirt attached to the mat itself. Allow both the floor and the mat to dry thoroughly before replacing the mat. To promote even wear, alternate the sides of the mat or keep one side protected underneath to maintain its new and shiny appearance. Remember, protecting your load bin is an investment, and proper maintenance ensures optimal returns.


In conclusion, protecting your bakkie load bin is a crucial step in maintaining the longevity and value of your vehicle. By investing in high-quality protection, such as a genuine rubber Stay-Put cargo rubber mat, you can safeguard your load bin against wear and tear, impacts, scrapes, and sharp objects. Unlike temporary solutions or imitations, genuine rubber cargo mats offer unmatched durability and reliability. Their custom-fit design and secure placement ensure stability during loading and unloading, providing peace of mind for various industries and professionals.

Moreover, a rubber cargo mat can be used to enhance the existing polyurethane lining, offering an additional layer of protection for the load bin floor. Whether your vehicle is used for heavy-duty work or transporting delicate cargo, Stay-Put cargo rubber mats deliver exceptional performance, allowing you to make the most of your workhorse without incurring significant repair and maintenance costs.

To protect your investment and ensure the long-term durability of your load bin, choose Stay-Put genuine rubber cargo mats. They come with a two-year warranty, demonstrating their superior quality and reliability. These mats can be conveniently purchased online or through authorized dealers. Don't compromise on the protection and value of your vehicle—make the smart choice by investing in a genuine rubber cargo mat today.

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